"This is a Fla. bike. There was a lot of
orange surface rust, and of course, lots of 
splattered oil. (ha ha) I love how EZ this
stuff was to use, and as you can see from 
my pic, it LOOKS GREAT!!!"
-Stafford, HOG member


"We are totally amazed that our vette was
completely detailed in only 15 min. Thank
you guys very much!"


“The only thing I trust to use
on my Tonka and bike."

- Steve Testa


“I trust nothing else but EZdetailer on and in
my 93 BMW E30. 
If you haven't used this stuff
yet, you need to buy some NOW!”
-Happy EZdetailer customer


"I fish professionally on the B.A.S.S. tour. 
I've never seen anything remove the dullness 
on my Citco, Ranger bass boat that well. 
The best point of this product, is everything 
is done the same step, including a wax finish. 
That gives me a lot more time to catch that 
award winning bass!" 
-Aaron Hastings